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  1. Are you curious about understanding humans?
  2. Are you committed to helping people live a better life?
  3. Do you love people?
  4. Do you believe that diversity makes us stronger?
  5. Would you like to join an international team of talented professionals?
  6. Are you eager to get more experience in the areas of multimedia, administration, marketing and design?
If you answered yes to these six questions, then participating in our internship program is for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about this Internship Programme

  1. A project-based internship with clear goals, timelines and deliverables

  2. A dedicated People Manager with whom you will regularly meet and from whom you will receive regular feedback about your work and how to develop your competencies

  3. Weekly group coaching sessions with our CEO and founder. NOTE: You are welcome to continue attending these sessions after your internship is over.

  4. Access to an international network of experienced professionals in different areas of business including L&D, Sales, Marketing, Multimedia, Product Development and more.

  5. You will be part of an exciting global remote team of inspiring, positive and like-minded professionals located in all continents around the world including colleagues from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe & the Middle East. You will feel like a part of the family in no time!

  6. You will be invited to fun team bonding activities and virtual days.

  7. You can let us know what area/s of the business you’d like to experience with and we can pair you up with a work colleague who will train you.

  8. Flexibility so you can manage your internship alongside any other commitments you have.

  9. You will be invited to a once every 3 months quiz where multiple cash prizes can be won.

  10. You will be eligible to be put forward to a monthly rewards scheme where you could get financial payment for high performance.

  11. You will get the opportunity to lead and run effective meetings.

  12. You will be able to use the work you are involved with in helping you build your own portfolio.

  13. A written testimonial is guaranteed by the CEO of the Better Life Group on LinkedIn and in email. A video testimonial is guaranteed for those that perform very well and excel expectations.

  14. You will have FREE access to 1000s of courses and learning materials to help your development in your chosen area, therefore, helping you become a confident professional in no time.

It’s very easy! Click here to complete the Internship Form and we will get back to you to schedule a 30-60 minutes call.

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