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Are you an expert in your field and would like to feature in the Ask the Experts series….or maybe you would you like to share your perspectives on life with people all around the world?

Have you and your partner been through a lot and think your experience can help other couples…Or do you have a curious kid that loves making questions and learning about the world?

In summary, by participating you could impact someone’s life on the other side of the world.

We welcome and want to listen to all individuals, regardless of their background, race, nationality, age, sexual orientation, etc (please include all silly categories society came up with to classify and divide us).

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Throughout the year we will run a variety of live online events lasting between 1-2 hours. It will focus on areas around life, relationships and career. We will invite some of our most well received participants to a live online event giving our online audience the opportunity to ask questions that they’d like answered. Your questions could include learning what techniques, strategies or advice our guest participants could share with you to help you in areas around live, relationships or career.

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Perhaps there isn’t a current series that applies to you so hence you are unable to participate, but would still like to add your details so you can be notified about relevant series.

In this case, please complete your registration here so we can learn as much about you and contact you when we begin seeking participants for a particular series.

Are you a relationship coach or therapist trying to get exposure online…or do you offer specialized services and products to a specific group of professionals, for example dentists, virtual assistants, dancers, etc and want to reach your specific target market with the least effort possible?

Perhaps your target audience are parents and kids?

There are several ways sponsoring our episodes will help your brand or business receive effective online exposure, reaching the exact target market you are aiming for. Complete the sponsorship request form and we will contact you to discuss the best way for us to collaborate.

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