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FAQ - General queries

Ask the People is the home of understanding humans better, where people from around the world share their experiences and genuinely express their perspectives on life, relationships, and work. We often live through life with many questions unanswered. Our goal is to solve this by bringing together the largest and widest diversity of people from all corners of the globe where they answer these questions for you.

To learn more about us click here.

Ask the People is based in Central London, but participants are based all over the world and come from all walks of life.

To learn more about each series click here.

Yes. Anyone is more than welcome to suggest a future episode (which would contain one question answered by our selected participants) or otherwise a sub-series containing over 99+ hand-selected people in a chosen area.

To suggest a question click here. To suggest a sub-series click here.

If our videos are going to be used on your website, in total or in part, they should be embedded and Ask the People should be credited.

If our videos are going to be shared, in total or in part, in any of your social media channels, such as YouTube, please credit us in the video and/or in the description of the video.  

FAQ - Participant queries

If you are expecting a payment, please give 10 full working days (Mondays-Fridays) from the point of the completed call. So for example, if you completed the call on a Thursday, expect the payment to be processed no later than the Thursday after next. And if you completed the call on a Friday, expect the payment to be processed no later than the the Friday after next.

Yes. We’ve created an easy to follow video resource to help you.

We have also got a IT Support team ready to support you to ensure that you are ready and feeling confident for the Conversation Call.


Click here to watch what past participants are saying about us and their experience being part of a Conversation Call.

To participate in our series all you have to do is complete our participant form found here.

Alternatively, register here so we can learn more about you. We’ll then contact you directly when we work on a series that would be applicable to you. 

Yes, you will get paid for participating in a series. The payment amount is mentioned in the Participate form that you will complete when showing interest.

We will use different parts of the footage recorded during your interview to create several episodes of a series.

Yes! Absolutely! All you have to do is complete a ‘participation form’  found here for each of the series you are interested in.

Yes! Absolutely!

Apply to as many series as you’d like as long as you meet the guidelines for the series. Scroll to the bottom of this page to subscribe to our eNewsletter to find out of the type of people we need for a particular series.

Alternatively, register here so we can learn more about you. We’ll then contact you directly when we work on a series that would be applicable to you.

Don’t worry! If you aren’t sure which series you would like to participate in, register here so we can learn more about you.

We’ll then contact you directly when we work on a series that would be applicable to you.

Ask the People, Ask the Couples, Ask The Family and Ask the Experts are filmed online via a video call, meanwhile Kids Ask The People is filmed in a studio.

Of course you can! And you are very welcome! We interview participants all year long who are based all around the world, meaning that you can join from the comfort of your living room or bedroom.

Our partner company ‘Ask The Locals’, will interview participants outside in key spots within big cities and small towns asking people questions focused around learning the city/town better.

Register here so we can learn more about you. We’ll then contact you directly when our partner company ‘Ask The Locals’ reach your city.

‘Ask the People’ focuses on questions about your perspective and experiences in life, your relationships, your habits, what you do to live a better life and why you do what you do. Some examples could include:

  • What is your morning routine?
  • What is your why?
  • How do you control yourself when you get angry?

‘Ask the Couples’ focuses on questions about relationships, what makes them work and what could make them better. Some examples could include:

  • What relationship advice do you wish you had gotten before?
  • What does love mean to you?
  • What is your partner’s love language?

‘Ask the Experts’ focuses on questions about your career, your work experiences, challenges, and what you’ve done to get to where you are. Some examples could include:

  • How did you find your first job?
  • Walk us through what is a typical day in the life of a (lawyer, dancer, teacher, etc…)?
  • What are the biggest challenges you faced as a (lawyer, dancer, teacher, etc…) and how did you overcome them?

With ‘Kids Ask the People’ expect to be surprised and amazed! Kids will be the ones coming up with the questions and we are quite sure they will be fun and unpredictable!

Yes, we will contact you a few days before the episode goes live.

Firstly, you will be paid for your time.

Secondly, you will have the chance to share your knowledge and perspectives of life with people all around the world. Knowing that your words, your story and advice have the potential of making a difference to somebody else’s life is truly a rewarding feeling.

Thirdly, for participants that take part in ‘Ask the Experts’, you will have the opportunity to increase your exposure as a professional to a global audience. You will have the chance to share your contact details which could create new professional opportunities.

The duration of the filming depends on the series you will be participating in.

Generally speaking, filming shouldn’t take more than one hour of your time with the exception of Kids Ask the People which should take longer for the expert.

As long as you fit the requirements of what we are looking for, you are welcome to participate and put yourself forward to as many series as you want.

FAQ - Sponsorship queries

If you are interested in growing your online brand presence in a unique and exclusive way, sponsoring one of our episodes is a great business decision. It will help your brand or business grow your online exposure, reaching the exact target markets you are aiming for.

For example, if you are an outsourcing recruitment VA company, sponsoring a Virtual Assistant episode or episodes of our Ask the Experts series, it would be an effective way to attract new VAs to your database. Alternatively, if you just launched a great book on how couples can overcome challenges in their relationships, sponsoring an episode of Ask the Couples will help boost your sales. I think you get the idea!

Submit your ‘sponsorhip form’ by found here and we will get in touch. As we get to know your business better we will identify the best episode to support your brand effectively or business.

Please first fill up the ‘Sponsorship Form found here. We will then get in touch to discuss how our partnership and collaboration will yield a good return on your investment.

FAQ - Affiliate queries

The ‘Ask The People’ Affiliate Partner Program allows you to refer people in your network to participate in an upcoming series. If any of these referrals successfully completes a conversation call with us, you will be paid $10. 

To sign up to our Affiliate Partner Program, you need to be invited by our team and fill up the form sent with the invitation. Our team is constantly seeking for brands, community managers and influencers who would be a good fit for our Affiliate Partner Program. NOTE: If you are responsible for a community of people, please do get in touch with us by clicking here letting us know what type of reach you have. If it meets our requirements, we will then get back in touch to share the form for you to sign up.

We pay our Affiliates at the end of each calendar month.

Payments are made to affiliates based outside the United Kingdom via our chosen payment platform Paypal.

No, it’s free to become an Affiliate.

After you have been accepted as an affiliate, you can send us an email here to enquire and see how many participants have been successful.

No, there isn’t any specific guidelines. What we do expect though is that when promoting your reference code, please make it clear to your audience and followers to add their code to the Participant form. This is your responsibility as the Affiliate to quote this clearly as participants not putting your code would mean you not getting paid.

For each referral sent that successfully completes a conversation call with us, you will receive $20.

A successful conversation call is a conversation between the participant (the person you referred) and one of our online interviewers, which should last between 45-60 minutes. For a call to be considered a successful call the participant would need to follow the pre-disclosed guidelines (e.g. the participant must be in a place free from background noise, they should not arrive later than 10 minutes of the scheduled call, the participant is able to communicate in excellent and clear English, etc).

Firstly, your audience and network will be part of a brand that aims to understand humans better and make a big impact in the world while getting paid for participating. Secondly, you will make a commissions for the referrals that successfully completes a conversation call with us.

If you are falsely representing our brand in any way whatsoever we will disqualify you as an Affiliate and you will not get paid. If you are found to be promoting misinformation about us such as promoting incorrect amounts of what you get paid we will terminate the partnership right away.

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