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Attend one of our LIVE events

Throughout the year we will run a variety of live online events lasting between 1-2 hours. 

It will focus on areas around life, relationships and career.

We will invite some of our most well received participants to a live online event giving our online audience the opportunity to ask questions that they’d like answered. Your questions could include learning what techniques, strategies or advice our guest participants could share with you to help you in areas around live, relationships or career.

NOTE: These live events will not be recorded.

In creating an online global community, we really want to create as many opportunities to help our audience to ask the people, couples and experts directly. This will give the opportunity for our global audience to walk away with their unanswered questions answered.

These live events would benefit anyone wanting to learn from couples who have been together for a long time, talk to men and/or women based in other parts of the world, as well as meet experts from a particular field who normally you wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet. 

The host will walk through what will be covered during the live event

The host will then introduce the guests.

There will be an ice breaker with all attendees entering an online break out room.

A Q&A with our guest participants will then take place.

The live event will end.

There will then be the opportunity to mingle and talk to other participants

For the first 50 people to register to the event the cost will be free to attend.

However, to those that register after will be asked to pay a $5 entry fee.

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