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Who are we?

We are a team of curious humans who love people, who are committed to helping people live better lives and believe that diversity makes us stronger.

The founder of Ask The People has spent many years speaking to 1000’s of people from all parts of the world to better understand why we do what we do, what makes a great relationship, how we can live our best lives and how to excel in our chosen career.

Our mission

1. To become the home of understanding humans better

To be the home of understanding humans better means creating the go-to place for all types of humans to visit to learn more about themselves and about other humans around the world.

We are the home of understanding humans better where people from around the world share their experiences and genuinely express their perspectives on life, relationships, and work. We often live through life with many questions unanswered. Our goal is to solve this by bringing together the largest and widest diversity of people from all corners of the globe where they answer these questions for you

2. To create a global community

To ‌create a global community means creating an audience that can genuinely express their perspectives on life, relationships and work, interact with each other no matter their language, sharing tips and their life experiences no matter their culture.

There are aspects of life, relationships and work we all struggle with, hence, there are people in the world we could learn from as well as people that we can relate to. We are inclusive, nobody is left out. We listen to people of all ages, sex, backgrounds, nationalities, beliefs, etc.

We aim to ‌create a global community where our audience can interact with each other sharing tips and their life experiences, as well as genuinely expressing their perspectives on life, relationships and work. We do this through our 4 series: Ask the People. Ask the Couples, Ask the Experts and Kids Ask the People. 

Our vision

We aim to create a big impact among different cultures, communities and types of people in the search of living a better life. We aim to promote better understanding with each other but most of all with ourselves. 

Whether you live in the UK or India, Brazil or Japan…whether you are a yoga teacher or a businessman, an athlete or a preschool teacher… whether it is always warm in your country or you always have to carry a jacket around…whether you enrolled in university last month or just watched your grandson get married….it doesn’t matter…if there is one thing all of us, regardless of sex, age, profession, sexual preferences, etc. can agree on is that what drives us every morning as we wake up is the desire to live a better life. This is an irrefutable truth and something we all have in common.

Our different types of series

Our values

We love people
We believe that what creates us are all the people we meet throughout our lifetime. We are driven to connect with as many humans as possible to get as many of their perspectives, experiences, struggles and successes as possible. It gives us great satisfaction of giving these people a platform.
Committed to helping people live better lives
By giving people a platform where they can share their knowledge and experiences we allow them to reflect on their own life and, consequently, motivate them to become more confident and take control of their own life.
We're curious
There are no right or wrong answers to our questions. No one is a bigger expert than the other. No titles pointed out. Everyone has something special to contribute.
Diversity makes us stronger
We aim to include and listen to all individuals, regardless of their background, colour, nationality, age, sexual orientation, etc (please include all silly categories society came up with to classify and divide us)

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